Logo Design

I’m like the makeup artist for your brand. Every brand needs a face and I am here to make yours you with a touch of magic.
Starting at $300

Graphics for Socials

Social Media graphics – sale announcements, custom quotes, illustrations, etc.
Starting at $100

Brand Design

Imagine Queer Eye for your brand, except it’s just me, tea, and all your ideas coming to life. (MAN how cool would it be to have Bobby re-design your brand?) Includes: logos, graphics for socials, fonts, whatever your heart desires.
Starting at $800


Handlettering, graphics, product photography, product illustrations. Available in blocks of 3, 6, 9… I think you get the gist.
Starting at $100


Tattoo Design

Want a new, amazing piece of art on ya body that makes everyone stop and ask about it? Know what you want but don’t know how to design it yourself?
$80 for handlettering & small line art (10x10cm)
$100 for 15x15cm
$150 for 20×20
Continuing up by an hourly rate depending on the size or extensive detail.

Order through here

Custom Illustration

Do you look at other brands with their custom illustration and look on in envy? Do you want a Custom Illustration for an artwork, social media icon, or just cause they’re bloody cool?
Starting at $50


Qualified Meditation Teacher
  • Personalised coaching
    no lock-in contracts! one-off options available
    weekly calls/emails (whichever you are more comfortable with)
    activities to focus on self
    personalised meditations
    begins at $200/month
  • Soulstice Meditation Instagram for free meditation recordings
  • Soulstice Being self-guided, 4 module course

If you want to make some magic together, or are simply putting feelers out to see what it’s like to work with me – fill out this form below and I will get to you as soon as possible!
Please note that I am currently closed to taking on new design clients, so replies may be slow and I may not be open to create for you in the timeframe you are hoping for.