5 things you should probably do before you go abroad

1. Probably get a passport sorted (in time) (try not to chance it and only get it 4 days before you leave) (rackers bali 2k15)

2. Probably apply for a credit card as an emergency weeks in advance (unsuccessful) (a week before is probably too short) (no emergency cash dollars for rackers)

3. Probably pack all your shit a couple of weeks prior (I packed at 4am this morning) (will most likely 9/10 forget something)

4. Probably transfer cash into other bank accounts more than a week prior to leaving (leave in 3 days. All cash is in one bank account, cannot transfer all in one lump sum unless go into bank. Cannot do that til Monday. Leave Tuesday. Oops)

5. Give your dogs all the kisses in the land and cry more about leaving them than your family

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rackers’ life tips: part 8

1. man i know life can be a tricky lil shit with timing and all dat, but try for the life of ya to avoid getting involved/getting the feels for someone before you (or they) are travelling abroad. messes with ur head. confuses the fuck out ya. don’t do it

2. fam, sleep is important. i get shit cause i sleep all day, but really i’m sleeping the recommended amount cause i’m staying up til 2, 3, 4 in the morn. (6:30am the other day… i fell asleep as all u hard workin mafuckas were going to work. birds chirpin n shit. oops)

3. there’s a difference between being a shitty person who does shitty things and a good person who did a shitty thing. if u are aware of ur shitty thing and strive to change/not do said thing again and u actually feel shitty for the shitty thing, ur all clear in my books

4. fuck murica sort ur fucking SHIT out and fuck that second amendment off!

5. a real mood booster? AYYY MACARENA. nah no joke. do the dance by yourself or get ur fam/friends to join u

6. oi probably don’t spend all ur money in kmart before u leave for a holiday

7. travel insurance

8. two things that cure acute sadness: dogs and hot chocolates. (not sure bout obtuse sadness, ie. depression. prolly go to the doctor)

9. i’m all for persistence in something ur keen on for sure but damn fam when someone has dodged the ‘we should hang out’ multiple itmes, ignored ur messages and/or BLATANTLY SAID ‘nah fam not interested’, pick up ur bag, throw on ur sunnies and swagger away until you find someone who totally feeeeeels u

10. i think there is a mouse currently in my room as i write this. like no joke. so last tip for the night, do not leave sugar filled rubbish in ur room for the LOVE OF GOD


life tips

rackers’ life tips: part 7

1. don’t feel guilty for not feelin it with someone who’s feelin u. you don’t owe them anything and you owe yourself everything

2. on that note, i think it’s perfectly acceptable to be selfish if it’s working towards your happiness- AS LONG AS you are not hurting too many peoples feelings in the process. be clear of your intentions and reasons

3. clean ur bathroom if u intend on having someone over

4. eat something before u have work…i probably almost fainted 5 times last night

5. sort your shit out earlier than two weeks prior to an overseas trip…

6. FOMO is a serious and life threatening disease. put an end to it now. you will be ok if u do not go out that one night

7. yeh nah mum used to be like ‘you’ll regret the things you didn’t do more than the things you did’ and i’d be like nah but mum what if i really fucked up and now i realise that there is legitimately no point in a regret if it is what u wanted to do at the time. even if it was ridiculously stupid, yolo the fuck out of ur life

8. don’t be a fuckface

9. if ppl don’t seem like they want to share details of their life with u, give it the fuck up. it’s not ur business unless they let it be ur business


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